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Marble is a precious rock that is created naturally deep in the earth from extreme temperatures and pressure. It is a stunning showpiece to any home for its desirability and always current style.

Below we have a selection of Marbles,Onyx and Quartzite.

NOTE: These are natural products and therefore each slab varies slightly in veins, colour and pattern.

Italian calacatta marble
New york marble
Black marble with veins
Travertine Sandstone
Natural brazilian marble
Translucent marble
Orange amber real marble
Natural white quartzite
Black quartzite slab


Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. The minerals contained in granite usually appear as small flecks throughout the stone.

Granite is a very dense, strong material that works well in kitchens due to its high resistance to heat.

NOTE: These are natural products and therefore each slab varies slightly in veins, colour and pattern.

Emerald pearl
speckled white granite
Original red granite
Natural black granite with veins
granite concrete
Black granite benchtop
White granite slab
Italian granite
Black stone with shiny mirrors in it

Reconstituted Stone

Reconstituted stone is a man made product that delivers all the benefits of having stone in your home with little to no downsides. It is a Strong material that does not stain from everyday items; it requires very low maintenance and it looks great.

Although due to the change in industry standards this product wont be available for much longer.

White natural looking recon stone
cheap white ceaserstone speckled
Flat concrete ceaserstone
White manmade stone with veins
Builders range stone
fake marble looking ceaserstone
general cheap RHF stone
Black ceaserstone slab
Brown reconstituted stone


Porcelain is the new and upcoming material that is being used for all aspects of home design, especially benchtops and splashbacks. This ultra hard, light weight, man-made product has been showcased in MANY new home magazines and will only continue to shine in the coming years as an industry leader.

Porcelain deals well with all temperetures and will NOT stain, making it an ideal choice not only for benchtops but BBQ and fireplace areas aswell.

With an extremely extensive range of colours and finishes to meet anyone's preferences, this product is sure to take over as the most popular stone on the market.

Concrete porcelain
Porcelain sandstone look
Porcelain white marble
Dekton ocean blue
Dekton vibrant marble
Green porcalain with veins
Porcalain flat black
Dekton marble tile
Porcalain rusted brown
Edge profile
background shape
Edge profiles

Edge Profiles

These are only just a small selection of colours for example.

All other colours can be sourced upon request!
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